How To Fill or Drain Your Hot Tub
  After your hot tub spa delivery, it's time to fill your vessel with water. Most spa manufacturers recommend that you will also need to drain and refill your spa a minimum of three to four times per year.  In the table below are Carefree Spas "Step by Step" Spa Hot Tub Fill Instructions.

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You may use a garden hose or a 1.5" vacuum hose with small pump to expedite the drain.






If your spa is located outdoors and temperatures are expected to be at 32 F or lower, a light bulb must be placed inside of the equipment area of the spa to prevent your spa from freezing. Freeze damaged spas are not covered under warranty and can be costly to repair.

Step-by-Step Spa Fill Instructions
1 After your hot tub has been electrically connected, fill the spa with warm water from your tap with a garden hose.  Do not use tap water that has been softened.
2 Remove the factory installed spa filter cartridge. Place the end of the garden hose several inches into the pipe or opening where the filter return is located. This helps us prime the hot tub jet pumps.
3 Turn on the tap/garden hose at full pressure and begin to fill the spa with water.
4 Check the water level to ensure proper fill depth.  The proper fill depth is 2-3 inches above the top of the hot tub filter, which is typically just below the hot tub headrests. Improper fill depth could lead to improper circulation including a FLO message on the hot tub's control panel.
5 After your spa is filled, and the hot tub filter cartridge is put back into place, the power to your hot tub should be turned on immediately (as per your electrician's instructions).
6 Turn on the spa's jet buttons.  Repeat turning jets on and off several times to insure proper operation.  If water circulation cannot be established or other operational issues exist, contact Carefree Spas Service Team.
7 After you have filled the spa, add 2 ounces of stain and scale control product per 250 gallons.  You will add this product again only upon your next hot tub drain and refill.  Stain and scale will remove all unwanted metals and minerals from the water.  After 15 minutes, add 1 teaspoon of chlorine per 250 gallons of water and or 1 to 2 bromine tablets (in skimmer) per 250 gallons of water or Nature 2 cartridge.  See Carefree's Water Balance Guide for start-up, daily, weekly and monthly spa water chemistry recommendations.
8 Set the temperature of the spa to your desired level. 100 to 104 F is recommended.

After your fill your hot tub with warm fresh water, test the water for pH, total alkalinity and calcium hardness with a test kit or test strips. Correct calcium hardness and total alkalinity first and then re-test. You will not have to manually adjust calcium hardness again until your next 'drain and fill' (approximately every 2-4 months, based upon usage.) Check pH and alkalinity levels weekly or minimum twice monthly.

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