How To Use AquaFinesse

  • Convert to Aquafinesse™ after your hot tub has been drained and refilled. For older spas, Carefree Spas recommends that you use AquaFinesse Spa Clean™ Tablet to get rid of sediments and contaminates that have built up in your hot tub plumbing over time. When the Aqua Finesse Spa Clean Tablet is used you must drain the spa and refill before starting the Aqua Finesse water treatment system.
  • Fill your hot tub with non-softened water. If you have softened water you will need to add calcium back into the water.
  • Shake AquaFinesse bottle well before use. The amount of liquid added is based upon the number of gallons in your hot tub.
  • Using the measuring cup provided in the AquaFinesse Hot Tub Kit™, add the correct dosage of AquaFinesse™ (as indicated on the bottle) into the water. Do not overdose and do not add more or less than one time per week.
  • Turn on your spa jets for a minimum of two minutes to activate the AquaFinesse™ water care system after dispensing the AquaFinesse liquid.

  • Add 2 scoops (for each 400 gallons) of sanitizer granules after you get out of your spa twice per week. Keep your spa cover open and jets running for one cycle (20-30 minutes).

  • Clean your spa filters twice per week when you first convert to AquaFinesse™. After that, clean the hot tub filters a minimum of every 10-20 days.   This will ensure that the sanitizer gets filtered through the spa plumbing frequently.  Some customers have had good results with rotating two sets of hot tub filters. When a hot tub filter is dry, bacteria does not survive. *Do not enter hot tub if you cannot see the head of a coin on the bottom (cloudy condition) of the tub or if there is a foul odor.


AquaFinesse  IS SIMPLE For Spa and Hot Tub Water Treatment. ONE LIQUID -  ONE TABLET  - ONCE PER WEEK.

AquaFinesse FEELS GREAT A swimming pool water treatment product that softens the water, hydrates the skin and gets rid of skin dehydration and itches by the use of organic salts and halogens.

Aquafinesse hot tub water treatment eliminates 99% of skin allergy problems.  A perfect hot tub water treatment for you if you suffer from psoriasis or eczema or other skin irritations.

.  A patented liquid that eliminates bio-film and scale build-up in your hot tub's plumbing lines, filter and heater. Excess minerals and metals from the water are removed that often cause spa equipment failures.

AquaFinesse HAS NO CHEMICAL ODORS. Scented with a clean lavender smell, AquaFinesse keeps the water fresh.  60% Less chemicals than other spa treatment systems. Product minimizes the need for sanitizers.

AquaFinesse IS ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE. This spa water treatment product is easier on our skin and also on our headrests, spa cover interior, and our hot tub equipment. 100% Eco-Friendly, Aqua Finesse is safe to drain in your yard or garden.

Aqua Finesse
IS SKIN SAFE. This spa treatment product will only remove the bacterial contaminants and not your healthy bacteria on your skin (called Flora).